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Welcome to the Town of Cheswold Police Department’s Official Web Site.

Photo of Police Chief Chris WorkmanIn this age of social media and web-based applications, we have developed this site to be as user-friendly as possible giving you information and forms that will be beneficial to you for public safety and your own knowledge. Please look over our website and visit pages with information on our officers, requests for information, safety tips, police news, important alerts, crime information, police department documents, sex offenders in the area, and much more.

Please use the website for any questions that you may have for the police department or me, but do not request emergency service through this website. If you have an emergency  DIAL 911 so that an officer can be dispatched to you immediately.

The Town of Cheswold Police Department currently has four full-time officers (including myself) and six part-time officers. Cheswold officers currently patrol the Town of Cheswold twenty-four hours a day/seven days a week with some special duty patrols at various times of the day.  Over the past nine years, we have worked hard to build the department to be self-sustaining and able to handle any problems that may occur.  While this is a process that requires time and money we are still working to that end…with the help of all of our partner agencies in the State of Delaware. But we are getting there.

First and foremost, the Cheswold Police Department is here to protect and serve the residents and businesses located within the corporate limits of the Town of Cheswold. We take great pride in providing quick and professional service to our residents and business community. This is a community that is growing by leaps and bounds with new homes and businesses breaking ground and new families coming into our town. We welcome all of those who are choosing to call Cheswold their new home and are working extremely hard to make it a safe and happy community. 

We are constantly working to expand the education and knowledge of our officers, not only regarding job skills but life skills, leadership, and wellness.  In order to give our officers access to training whenever they need it, the officers of the Cheswold Police department have access to 24-hour online training through the Police One Academy, are required to take Crisis Intervention Team training within three years of their employment, and begin Leadership classes through FBI-LEEDA after their first year of employment. Beginning April 2022 they will have 24/7 access to online training for legal, ethical and liability issues (among other subjects) with the Daigle Learning Center.  There is no possible way for our officers to know everything there is to know about every issue or situation, but having a little knowledge of an issue, knowing where to seek assistance, and having the confidence to do so is imperative to be the best we can be.

All of our officers vow to treat everyone with dignity and respect and are committed to professionalism, accountability, and continuing to progress in our education and involvement within our community and beyond. Change is inevitable and necessary! With this in mind, we continue to grow through policy and education so that we may better serve the community and you.

If you should ever need to speak with anyone in the police department for a non-emergency please call (302) 734-2202 or stop in any day during normal business hours from 8 am till 4 pm. I would be happy to meet with you.

It is my pleasure to serve you as your Chief of Police and I would like to thank you for taking the time to visit our website. I hope that you have found it very informative and easy to use. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns you can fill out our Cheswold PD Citizen Survey form online or contact us directly at (302) 734-2202.

Stay Safe,

Chief Christopher Workman
Cheswold Police Department

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