Informational Pamphlets and Forms

Informational Pamphlets:

The content of these pamphlets are meant for informational purposes and to be used as such. At no time do we suggest that you as a citizen should take matters of law enforcement into your own hands but like to share information in these pamphlets with you to make you better aware of your surroundings and how to protect you property. As always if you have any questions we are available to you via email, phone or just stop in and see us between 8am and 4pm, Mon- Fri for non-emergencies. If you have an emergency and need police to respond to your residence please DIAL 911, immediately.

(Information contained in these pamphlets are taken from various sources and for public use, where available we have given credit for that information to the author, if you should see any information that is copyrighted or not properly credited please contact the Chief of Police)


All forms are official publications used for reporting and providing information. Please read all directions and fill out all the requested information so that your request is propery recorded. Any false information provided to this department on official forms could, in some cases, result in criminal or civil charges. It is suggested that any form containing private inmformation or a complaint should be emailed or mailed to the Chief of Police, and not faxed, for privacy. If you must fax a form please contact the police department at (302) 734-2202 and make sure that an officer is present in order to retrieve the fax immediately.


Seniors & Special Needs

In an attempt to better serve the residents of Cheswold we have begun a program that will help us to lend assistance to Seniors and Special Needs residents in cases of emergency. By filling out the form and returning it to the Cheswold Police Department we can establish a directory within our department that will allow us to help you in case of an emergency.

By knowing any special circumstances that exist for you this will allow us to provide possible life saving information to first responders if you are not able to provide that information on your own. Help us, Help you……… Fill out the Assistance Request Forms and return it to the Cheswold Police Department.

Your information will remain confidential and only used by law enforcement personnel in emergency situations.

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