Public Works

Currently, the Public Works Department consists solely of the volunteer Town Council member assigned to the position, by the current Mayor.

There are no paid employees, including the Town Council member serving as Director. Therefore, all activities and projects must be completed by the Director, either personally or by volunteer residents or solicited assistance from other resources.

Also, due to limited or no funding availability from the town treasury, the Department must seek alternative means and methods to acquire any financing required for projects or activities.

Monetary resources, such as donations, grants and other fund raising plans will have to be implemented to accomplish the assigned tasks of the department.

Ultimately, with the anticipated growth and development of the town, it is expected that the Department will eventually operate as an entity with sufficient funding and employees, to be able to set its own yearly goals and objectives, based on the requests and information specified by town residents, other town departments, tourists and visitors.

The Public Works Department of the Town of Cheswold, De., currently, completes assignments as designated by the Mayor, Town Council and/or the residents of Cheswold, to build, maintain, repair, create, support and operate roads, parks, town buildings, and acquisitions, that will be environmentally safe, cosmetically attractive and physically healthy to and for the residents and visitors of Cheswold.

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