Cheswold PD – Covid -19 Response

Date Posted: Sunday, March 22nd, 2020


Amid the current state of affairs and the State of Emergency set forth by Governor Carney the Cheswold Police Department has placed some procedures in place to ensure the safety and well being of the Police Officers so they are able to continue to respond to any and all  emergency calls for service during this time.

We understand that there are issues important to you and your community regarding the normal, everyday events but the spread of the virus and the complications it provides for small departments such as ours can have a devastating impact.

Therefore; the Cheswold Police Department will be adhering to the following procedures during this event:

    The police department will be closed to walk up traffic for non-emergency situations. If you have a non-emergency please contact the PD at (302) 734-2202. If you cannot reach them then dial KentComm at (302) 739-4863 0r 9-1-1. 

    If at all possible, officers will be taking reports for any complaints that are not in progress, or do not require the officers presence through tele-communications. If you have a report for a non-emergency- 911 operators will notify officers who will contact you via telephone, and determine if a need to respond to your location is necessary. If not they will take your information and drop off a copy of your report to your home or email it to you if you request.Where practical, all interviews for calls will be conducted outside of a persons residence or in an open area where social distancing can be maintained. 

    * Please note in emergency situations officers will do what they are trained to do and handle each and every situation with their safety and the safety of everyone involved in mind.

    * Arrests WILL BE made for any and all crimes committed within the Town of Cheswold.

    * Criminal Summon’s will be issued for any summary offenses where an arrest warrant is not necessary.

    * All traffic courts have been closed until further notice. If you have an upcoming traffic court date on the first or third Monday of the month please contact the courts to re-schedule.

If you call 911 to report an emergency please let them know if you are currently sick, are quarantined for or have any symptoms of the Corvid-19 virus. Our officers will ALWAYS respond but may be using gloves and masks to protect themselves from exposure.

We will also be making sure that our officers are not sick or possibly been exposed to the virus as much as we can in order to protect the public.

We will continue to respond and provide a high quality of service but must adjust and protect ourselves in order to continue to be able to respond to calls and provide that level of service.

So please help us to keep you safe and provide any known information to 911 call takers when reporting emergencies. We are here for you in your time of need and need to stay safe to provide the same for others

Please make sure to adhere to all State restrictions during this time and to keep yourself informed through reputable informational services such as the State of Delaware Emergency Management Agency, Department of Health and other State agencies.

Be careful of social media posts and phone calls that could be scams. This is a time when individuals like to pray on the fears of others and scam you out of your hard earned income. If you need help or have any questions please contact us via telephone. 

Here are some links to help you:

Department of Health                    

State of Delaware                            



Thank You,

Christopher Workman
Chief of Police

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