About Our Mayor:

Mr. Santo Faronea– MAYOR
Office: (302) 734-6991
Fax: (302) 734-1355

The Town Council has the responsibility and authority to elect one of the members of the Council as the Mayor, for a term of one year or until the organization meeting, following the next succeeding election.

The Mayor presides over all Town Council meetings, serves as the head of the Town government for all ceremonies and military law situations. He/She also appoints committees, and performs any and all duties prescribed by ordinance or resolution, adopted and approved by the Town Council.

The Mayor has no voting rights in Town Council meetings unless his/her vote is required as a deciding vote.

The other offices of the Town Council, by Charter, are the Vice Mayor and Secretary-Treasurer.

For additional and specific information, see the Town Charter, (Organization of Town Council – Sections 6.2.1; 6.2.2; 6.2.3)

Mayor’s Message:

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