Res. 08-08-22-104 Annexation of Liborio III LP

Res. 05-25-22-103 Annexation Special Election – Liborio III LP

Revised and Reposting of Resoution # 03-22-22-102_Apprvl. of Public Hearing_Liborio III LP

Resoution # 03-22-22-102Resoution # 03-22-22-102_Apprvl. of Public Hearing_Liborio III LP

Res. 07-0-2018-087 Combination Inclusion of Fee Schedules

Res. 07-02-2018-085 Revision of 2012 International Residential Code

Res. 07-02-2018-086 Residential Rental Registration Inspection Permitting

Resolution 01-15-16-081 Hazard Mitigation Plan

Resolution 05-24-16-082 Monetary Approval Levels

Res. 02-15-12-040 Annexation DelDOT Storage Yard

Res. 06-20-14-059 Fulton St. Annexation Public Hearing

Res. 09-30-14-061 Public Hearing Graham Property

Res. 09-30-14-062 Public Hearing Cheswold Village Properties, LLC

Res. 09-30-14-063_Public Hearing Our Grace Land Holding

Res. 12-12-14-064 Graham Property Annexation

Res 12-12-14-065 Public Hearing Comp Plan and Article 7 LDU Revision

Res. 12-16-2014-066 Amend Comp Plan

Res. 02-23-15-069_Public Hearing Re-Zoning LDU Revision

Res 04-21-15-071 Public Hearing – Clean Hands Ordinance

Res 04-01-15-072 Public Hearing – Admin of Land Use Ordinance Fees

Res 07-13-2015-073 Public Hearing – Evans Jarrell

Res 07-13-2015-074 Public Hearing – Nobles Pond

Res. 10-16-15-077 Evans Jarrell

Res. 10-16-15-078 Nobles Pond

Res 01-04-16-079 Public Hearing Clean Hands Ordinance – REVISED

Res 01-04-16-080 Public Hearing No Guns Ordinance

Res. 12-31-18-091 Comp Plan Amendment

Res. 01-17-19-092 Annexation 5867 No. Dupont Hwy

Res. 09-03-19-093 Public Hearing_4 Ordinances

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