Civilian Complaint Packet

The Cheswold Police Department is dedicated to upholding high ethical standards and public trust. Standards of the profession must be elevated to strengthen the public confidence in law enforcement, to encourage officers individually and collectively to appreciate the total responsibilities of their office; and to earn the support and cooperation of the general public.

With the goal of maintaining professional standards, the Cheswold Police Department has a Chief of Police, who shall investigate all internal matters, allegations, and other complaints against Department personnel.

If you want to make a civilian complaint against a member of the Cheswold Police Department please complete and submit this civilian complaint packet. Please make sure this packet is filled out completely (please print clearly or type). Please provide as much information as possible describing what happened, where it happened and when it happened. Please identify who was involved including any witnesses and if possible identity the police officer(s) involved.
Please sign and date the form.

  • Note – You may submit a complaint anonymously however there will be no way to follow up with you on the status of the complaint.

You may obtain a complaint packet at:

Cheswold Town Hall / Cheswold Police Department
691 Main Street
Cheswold, DE 19936
or Download a PDF Version here.

You may submit a complaint:

Please make sure the packet is directed to the Chief of Police.

  • In person at the Cheswold Police Station
  • By mail to the above address
  • By fax (302) 734-1355 Monday-Friday 8:00 am until 4:00 pm (If you are going to Fax the packet please contact the Department (302) 734-2202 and make sure the Chief is available to accept to packet for confidentiality purposes)

If you need assistance filling out the packet or have questions please contact Chief of Police at (302) 734-2202. After the complaint is received the Chief of Police will acknowledge receipt of the complaint.

The Chief of Police maintains the confidential status of all internal affairs investigations and records. All Internal Affairs investigations are conducted in accordance with the Cheswold Police Department Rules and Regulations, Department General Orders, Special Orders, the State of Delaware Police Officers’ Bill Of Rights.

All complainants will be formally notified by the Chief of Police of the beginning and end of an internal investigation, along with periodic status reports, when necessary. You may be contacted and a request may be made for you to provide time for an interview and formal witness statement.

Upon completion of the investigation you will be notified by mail of the outcome of the investigation and the action taken. This notification will take place unless release of that information is prohibited by the Law Enforcement Officers Bill of Rights.

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