Cheswold’s Airport

The Delaware Airpark Facility, in Dover/Cheswold, Delaware, is a Public AIRPORT facility. Located 1 mile West of the nearest business district, Delaware Airpark covers 190 acres of land.

The Airpark is home to 45 based aircraft and Delaware State University’s flight training program, it serves both corporate and recreational flyers year-round. The airport is especially busy during the summer months when Delaware State conducts NASA and Air Force ROTC pilot training.

A Unique Southern Delaware General Aviation Facility:

  • This well-maintained, 45-acre general aviation airport located in Dover, Delaware, has a runway with a parallel taxiway and a newly paved aircraft parking ramp, as well as non-precision approaches.
  • This 33N is home to Delaware State University’s flight training program, providing its students with year-round flying capability. Twice a year, Dover plays host to NASCAR racing events at the ever-exciting Dover Downs International Raceway. Many race teams, drivers and fans use Delaware Airpark because of its close proximity to the track.

On-site Services:

  • Avgas (Self-fueling. Jet fuel available upon prior request)
  • Nonprecision approaches
  • Snow removal
  • Car rental from local companies


  • 1 runway: 3,582 feet by 60 feet
  • Public ramp space
  • 7-day-a-week, all-weather operation
  • Congestion-free airspace with no delays

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