About the Cheswold Police Department

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For Emergencies Dial 911

Chief of Police: Christopher Workman

691 Main Street
Cheswold, DE 19936

Phone: (302) 734-2202
Fax: (302) 734-1355

How are We Doing:

In order to see how we are doing in our community we have two ways to let us know how we rate with our residents. These surveys and comments are our way of seeing how our officers and department are responding and solving problems in our town. 

You can open and fill out the forms with Adobe Reader. Please fill them out, save them to your computer and send them to CheswoldPolice@gmail.com

Cheswold PD Citizen Survey

Cheswold Police Customer Service Form


Vision Statement:

The Cheswold Police Department  will deliver quality police service in an effective and efficient manner. Delivery of effective and efficient service is doing what is right and doing it the right way.

All members of the Police Department are dedicated to serving the community with PRIDE.

P– Protect = We are committed to protecting and serving our residents, business owners and visitors by displaying and conducting ourselves in a professional manner.

R-Respect = We vow to respecting individual rights, human dignity, the democratic process, and the value of all members of the community and the department.  We respect the laws that we are required to enforce, and we treat all people with respect, compassion and sensitivity, acknowledging the value of each Citizen’s Constitutional Rights.

I-Integrity = We are proud of our profession and will conduct ourselves in a manner that merits the respect of all people. We will demonstrate honest, ethical behavior in all our interactions. Our actions will match our words. 

D-Dignity = We resolve to treat everyone with dignity regardless of the circumstances, recognize and value diversity.

E-Education=We value commitment, responsibility and clear direction. We achieve professionalism through teamwork, creativity, education, training, and continual self-improvement.


Department Motto:

Fidelity ~ Sacrifice ~ Integrity

(See www.charters.delaware.gov/cheswold – Section 16 for additional and specific information)

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