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ACADEMY SALARY $50,000+ Benefits  – $54,000.00 per year after Academy Graduation – Promotion to PFC after first full year of service $57,500.00 (Currently) 


The Town of Cheswold (CPD) hiring process for the position of Police Recruit is currently OPEN, the entry-level classification to becoming a CPD Officer. The Department is a dynamic, progressive, and professional organization dedicated to maintaining community partnerships that promote a high quality of life for the Town of Cheswold.Hiring Flyer

2024 Cheswold Police Employment Online Application

Pre-Academy Fitness Guide

All applications can be submitted online or emailed to christopher.workman@cj.state.de.us or dropped off to the Cheswold Police Department addressed to the Chief of Police in a secured envelope to protect your information. 



If you are currently certified as a Delaware Police Officer or an officer from Out of State and are looking for full-time employment please contact the Chief of Police for more information on applications, benefits, and salary. 

If you have 3 years or more – Lateral transfers starting at $57,500.00 per year. 



The general responsibilities of a Police Officer for the Town of Cheswold include responding to calls for service, enforcing traffic and criminal laws, and operating police vehicles when on routine patrol.


  • Paid Academy training with a salary of  $24.00 per/hr. while in training
  • Annual base pay range for Police officers of over $54,000.00 salary and benefits
  • Take Home Vehicle Program (after FTO)
  • COLA Increases in pay yearly (Town approval)
  • Health Benefits
  • Participation in Professional Law Enforcement Association – Legal Defense Services and Vision Plan (Town sponsored)
  • Promotion to PFC 1 year following completion of Field Training Program (approx. 12 weeks) ($57,500.00 yearly salary)
  • Rank Promotions every 2 years with Satisfactory Reviews and completed Training Requirements
  • Leadership and Specialty Training 
  • Paid vacation and paid sick time accrual
  • State of Delaware Police and Fire Pension Plan
  • Overtime and Secondary Employment assignments
  • Continuing Education Reimbursement 

Required education:

  • High school or equivalent



  • Engage in interpersonal communications with the public and co-workers by promoting a professional and courteous environment

  • Participate with co-workers and supervisors in the advancement of the department’s goals and objectives

  • Required to efficiently analyze and organize information and evidence obtained during traffic and criminal investigations for prosecution purposes

  • Deliver emergency services to the public by responding to calls for service safely and promptly and by providing assistance to those in need

  • Protect the public, co-workers, and themselves from harm and injury by following established safety and security practices and by correcting and/or reporting safety and/or security hazards or risks

  • Responsible for the entire arrest procedure including examining, handcuffing, conducting a field search and guarding the arrestee to prevent escape or suicide

  • Required to exercise discretion in the use of deadly and non-deadly force

  • May be required to arraign a defendant, as well as testify in court

  • Able to make NCIC, DELJIS, and CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch) inquiries and conduct a full traffic collision investigation (i.e., interview witnesses, sketch and measure collision scenes, determine contributing factors, and identify violations, etc.)

  • Enforce criminal, and traffic laws of the State of Delaware and Ordinances of the Town of Smyrna

  • Must possess the physical ability necessary to subdue attacking or resisting individuals

  • May be required to work rotating shifts and adapt to irregular working conditions

  • Required to write different types of reports, including traffic reports, summonses, and arrest reports

  • Able to identify public utility problems and report other road hazards

  • Assist motorists in need of assistance or perform traffic direction and control

  • Utilize a variety of equipment in the performance of their job duties, including but not limited to an automobile, 800 MHz police radio, baton, breath testing instrument, computer terminal, fire extinguisher, flashlight, handcuffs, radar and lidar, semi-automatic pistol, long gun, body armor, and photographic equipment

  • May instruct suspects on the process of obtaining an attorney, enforcing court orders, responding to civil disputes, and testifying in Multiple Courts

  • Prepare search and arrest warrants, collect evidence, and inventory stolen property

  • May engage in a physical altercation after being assaulted, may have to stand/walk continuously for more than one-half the work shift and walk on narrow, elevated surfaces

  • Prepare interdepartmental memorandums and daily operational reports, as well as maintain daily logs

  • Clean and inspect firearms and perform random equipment inspections



  • Knowledge of laws and departmental rules/regulations/procedures, as well as other resource materials

  • Must demonstrate usable knowledge of court decisions

  • Skilled in the use of firearms, as well as non-lethal weapons

  • Able to drive in both emergency and non-emergency conditions

  • Ability to communicate both orally and in writing, cope with stressful situations and evaluate a situation, respond correctly, and apply appropriate discretion and common sense



  • Must possess a high school diploma from an accredited high school or possess a G.E.D. and be able to provide proof of graduation.

  • Twenty-one (21) years of age or older

  • A citizen of the United States

  • Normal hearing

  • Minimum uncorrected vision not greater than 20/200 in each eye and correctable with lenses to 20/20 in each eye

  • Able to distinguish between the colors red, green, and amber

  • Height and weight proportionate

  • Must successfully pass all four evaluation areas described in the department’s physical agility test. Pre-Academy Fitness Guide

  • Must attain a minimum passing score of 70 percent on a written examination of job-related knowledge.



  • Applicants must have a current valid driver’s license and at least one year of driving experience. An applicant with a prior driving suspension or revocation must have one year of reinstatement in order to be eligible to apply. Any alcohol-related driving arrests and overall driving history will be subject to review.



  • All potential employees will be subject to a background investigation.

  • No residency requirement when submitting an application. However, must reside within 45 minutes of the Town of Cheswold or certify that he/she will do so within 6 months of appointment to the position.

  • Use of any illegal drug two years prior to application or any prior use of a hallucinogenic drug will be an automatic disqualification. All other drug use, including illegally using prescribed drugs, is subject to review.

  • Any felony conviction is an automatic disqualification. Any criminal activity that would be considered a felony under Delaware law or the law of the state in which the activity occurred in is a disqualification. Applicants are strongly encouraged to apply for an expungement on any past misdemeanor arrests. All arrests will be subject to evaluation.

  • All potential employees will be subject to a psychological and physical health examination



      The academy has a rigorous physical fitness program and if you are not prepared for the Academy physically it can be tough. We have included a pre-academy fitness guide to prepare you for the Academy. You cannot just wake up on the morning of your PT test and pass, it takes preparation and this guide can help you prepare.  Pre-Academy Fitness Guide


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